ronb2Florida’s BlueGreen Event was held on November 14, 2015 in Weston, it was THE event of the year for Florida’s conservation community. Host Andrea Ocampo caught up with sportsmen, business leaders, outfitters, and like-minded citizens for an evening of revelry with Florida’s biggest conservation supporters. It was a great opportunity to connect with the people that are making a difference for the future of Florida. This year’s event featured:

Amazing NEW auction items
Live country music
Open bar and cowboy cookout
Prizes for best dressed cowboy and cowgirl
Auctions, raffles and more!
At Alligator Ron Bergeron’s Green Glades Ranch in Weston, Florida

Imagine a Florida with no place to hunt, fish, or hike—then imagine a Florida where no one cares. Kids today aren’t connected to the outdoors like previous generations, and unless we can create the Next Generation That Cares™, we are in danger of losing the wild and beautiful places we all love. Your support of the BlueGreen Event helps ensure that will never happen.

About Fish and Wildlife Foundation of Florida
The Wildlife Foundation of Florida, Inc. was formed on September 29, 1994, as a nonprofit organization to provide assistance, funding and promotional support to contribute to the health and well-being of Florida’s fish and wildlife resources and their habitats. We are the citizen-support organization of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Our mission is to partner with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to ensure the conservation and enhancement of Florida’s fish and wildlife resources so they survive and thrive for current and future generations of Florida residents and visitors.

Celebrating our 20th year of service, the Foundation raises funds and builds support for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and other organizations engaged in science-based nature conservation, management, education, and research activities. For example, the Foundation:

Builds effective partnerships with communities, businesses, organizations, and people throughout the State.
Finances programs to preserve and restore the unique, diverse plants, animals, and natural communities of Florida.
Creates opportunities for residents and visitors to use, enjoy, and learn about the State’s fish and wildlife resources

We appreciate your support

Every Florida resident or visitor can provide critically needed funds to aid in the creation and management of healthy, sustainable plant and animal communities for future generations. And that’s good for all of us.

By becoming a Conservation Partner of the Foundation
by making a tax-deductible contribution to the program of your choice,
by purchasing our “Conserve Wildlife” license plate,
or by purchasing merchandise through our store

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Engaging Our Youth

Florida Youth Conservation Centers Network (FYCCN) started in 2009 and has grown to over 260 partners across the state. We have already touched the lives of over 50,000 youths with our mission of creating “The Next Generation that Cares”. By engaging our youth in the outdoors, we encourage them to become thoughtful stewards of Florida’s wildlife and its habitats.

This bold initiative is sponsored by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and the Fish & Wildlife Foundation of Florida (FWFF) and consists of a statewide network of conservation centers designed to encourage and empower kids to participate in traditional outdoor recreation.

Staffed by wildlife experts, The Florida Youth Conservation Centers Network includes Wild Outdoor Hubs offering deep-woods experiences as well as Near Outdoor Partners which offer outdoor experiences closer to home. The goal is to create avid outdoor enthusiasts who will value and protect our natural resources for generations to come.

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