IJM Global

IJM Global is an emerging growth company with a long history. IJM Global, Inc. (“IJM” or the “Company”) was incorporated in Florida on May 30, 2019. On May 31, 2019 the Company acquired an operating company, Eye on South Florida, Inc as a subsidiary. Eye on South Florida, Inc. (EOSF), a corporation, was chartered in the State of Florida on January 18, 2013 as a media organization for the purpose of providing television services as an independent producer and distributor of television programming locally and nationally. The programming is based on content that is produced and filmed in South Florida, on subjects that are relevant to the South Florida area. IJM is building content and distribution platforms via its integrated suite of products and services includes marketing, creative services, video production, and extensive broadcast capabilities. It will grow its business by leveraging its existing assets and affiliate relationships and where appropriate seek funding for additional capital investments and/or mergers and acquisitions.

Current Projects