specializes in beveragesIn a world dominated by coffee shops owned by restaurant chains like Starbucks, an independent coffee house from Chicago is gaining traction. So, if you are a coffee aficionado, “This” coffee house is a must-visit spot if you live in the city or planning on driving to the spot soon. So, which independent coffee house is this? Keep reading to find out the details!

The city of Chicago is well-known for its gastronomic delights. So, an independent coffee house from the Windy City bagging the top rank among the best coffee shops in the United States isn’t a surprise. Apart from bringing to you some of the mouth-watering delicacies like hotdogs, burgers, and pizzas, Chicago also specializes in beverages that leave a lasting impression.

So, if you are looking for a good cup of coffee to start your day, the city won’t surely disappoint you. While independent coffee houses aren’t as popular, despite the intense competition, one name is trending in the market.

In a fresh new list by USA Today for the “Best Independent Coffee Shop” in 2023, the Big Shoulders Coffee house has topped.


Big Shoulders Coffee House was nominated & ranked by a panel of coffee experts as well as USA Today readers. All the coffee houses in this list were gauged on the basis of having cozy atmospheres, unique menus, as well as friendly baristas. And, this independent coffee house from Chicago ranked first.

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Big Shoulders Coffee House Was Founded By A Husband-Wife Tandem

Given their love for coffee, Patricia and Tim Coonan together founded this independent coffee house. Their expertise in restaurant operations, culinary traditions, and coffee aided them in the successful launch of their business. Today, the coffee house has established its branches at 5 different locations within the city.

USA Today defines the coffee house as, “With multiple locations in the Chicago area, Big Shoulders Coffee is a must-stop for no-nonsense artisan beans, roasted to perfection.”


Big Shoulders Coffee Tim Coonan Patricia Coonan Instagram

The magazine also explains how Tim, with his experience as a chef, started roasting coffee as an avocation. However, soon, he turned into a pro which led to him and his wife establishing the coffee house. The team sources beans only from trusted farms. This ensures the coffee served at the shop is as fresh and delicious as possible. These coffee beans are roasted immediately with delicate precision to preserve their taste and aroma.

While Big Shoulders is on top, following next are Haddonfield’s Jersey Java & Tea Co. and Ohio’s Stauf’s Coffee Roasters.


So, have you ever visited Big Shoulders Coffee? Or do you plan to visit it soon? Share your experience with us and check back with Urban Matter for the latest news from Chicago!


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