This festive season in Chicago is bringing back a beloved interactive experience for Santa fans. Hop on a jolly ride to Santa’s home with the Polar Express returning soon. Starting December 3 all the way to New Year’s Day 2024, the Union Station will be transformed into a spectacular festive hub. So, if you are a Chicagoan or love to enjoy the city’s vibe, do not miss the chance to get enchanted. Keep reading to find out more!

If you are a fan of Chris Van Allsburg’s classic children’s story, The Polar Express, you would absolutely love to be a part of this live experience. Imagine you are sitting in a beautiful train car, all cozied up, with the iconic tune playing in the background. Wonderful, right? But that is just not it! Once onboard Chicago’s The Polar Express, the hosts will come by and punch your golden ticket similar to the story. Moreover, you will also be served piping hot and delicious hot chocolate paired with crunchy Walker’s Shortbread.

Not just that, as a traveler onboard The Polar Express, you will get to experience all these served to you by fun, dancing chefs.

Santa Claus Has A Gift For You On The Polar Express

And, for the grand entrance is your very own man in red, Santa Claus! To take the fun to the next level, Mr. Claus and his crew will hop aboard, creating a joyous atmosphere. You will also get a gift. That’s right! Each passenger will be gifted a silver sleigh bell marking the start of a holly, jolly Christmas. However, the festivities don’t really stop here!


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The one-hour journey from Union Station will have passengers led by fun characters on a journey of caroling and onboard entertainment.

So, if you are looking for a unique experience this holiday season, mark your calendars. The Polar Express will be available for you to take the magical ride daily except for Mondays until New Year’s Day. You won’t have to struggle to find a seat for yourself. The seats are assigned to you when you book your tickets online at the official website. You can also book discounted tickets on days with lower demand.


The Polar Express hasn’t been operational since 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Although it did have a short run in 2021, it was again paused only to be resumed completely this season. So, don’t let this golden opportunity pass by.

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