Did you miss the opening last summer?  The Museum of Ice Cream in downtown Chicago made its debut right next to the Tribune Tower. I checked out the museum when it first opened, so this was my second visit. This time I knew what to expect. The fun part now was watching everyone else experience it for the first time. The look of delight on their faces was just amazing!

The Chicago location is now the seventh Museum of Ice Cream, with others in New York, San Francisco, Austin, and Asia.

Try an original Chicago hot dog. Photo by Mira Temkin.

To get the party started, they hand you a delicious Dove Bar, with sweet vanilla ice cream and rich Dove chocolate, made in Chicago. It’s the perfect way to get ice cream on the brain (and into your mouth!) Then, you have to create your own original ice cream flavor name. What will it be? The skies are the limit! I went with Mocha Chip. The rest of my gang went with Buster Brownie, and Munch-Mellow.


Then it’s off to the races as you ride the pink Sprink “L” line with everything delightfully pink and a cherry on top. It felt like being in the world of Katy Perry and Pinkalicious

Definitely come hungry because there’s a lot to sample from your all of favorite flavors and the ice cream is unlimited. Even the cone was crispy and delicious. The real surprise was the authentic Chicago hot dog made of, you guessed it, ice cream. Dare you try this real Chicago original – a hot dog, reimagined as an ice cream dessert?  Top it off with pickles, if you like.


Check out the variety of fun from mini-golf to basketball to whack-a-mole and more, and also getting an ice cream treat in each room.

Play a round of mini-golf. Photo by Mira Temkin.

Ride the pink L train or a straddle an elephant, jump into a pool of sprinkles. It’s endless fun for a kid or kid at heart!


Dive into the Sprinkle pool. Photo by Mira Temkin.

There’s another venue (an upcharge) that shows you how ice cream is made, and you get a chance to churn and make your own ice cream.

Before you go, sashay up to the bar in the Speakeasy room for one of their pink cocktails or boozy shakes, each with a different flavor, for guests over 21. Awesome sundaes, too!


Photo courtesy of The Museum of Ice Cream.

Regular general admission tickets start from $25 on weekdays and $33 on weekends. Look for special events like Pinkmas and, for Halloween, the Museum of I Scream.

Now’s a great time for a trip to The Museum of Ice Cream!   Dig in!


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