imageBy Athena “Chickie” Ransom – The Giving Tree, the true spirit of the holiday season…
I am a 35 year resident of Pompano Beach and with that said I have to commend my neighbors at 1100 N.E. 4th Street. Yes, I just printed their address and I hope that you will help in my mission to have so many people visit. You are probably wondering what kind of media person prints their neighbors address and ask all of South Florida to stop by? (Don’t worry we asked permission) The proud kind of neighbor, you see the people who live at that address annoy the heck out of me every day as I drive past their house. Most of the year that is anyway, as I am an avid Dallas Cowboys fan and the address I referred to above is decorated all year round with black and gold, yes you got it, Pittsburgh fans. But I must say that if all Steelers fans have as giant hearts as these folks, you’re okay in my book unless its game day and we are playing each other.
Last year, around the first week in December I drove past the house I dread and low and behold I stumbled upon the absolute coolest tree I had ever seen in my life. It was decorated under a 10×10 tent with lights and tables around it with random things placed on the tables and a white cardboard sign that read, “The Giving Tree” “If you need something, PLEASE take some”, “ If you wish to donate, please leave something useful” “Thank You” “Merry Christmas!”- Of course not having much myself I immediately went home and found useful things and brought them back to the table. For weeks I watched as people came and took what they needed, some who took things and left things, and many who left things. Nearing the holiday I watched the tables as the items grew sparse and thought not enough people knew about the giving tree. Well this year I drove past that house 1,000 times only to be reminded daily that football season was not too far off for 2013. Well today I drove by and got to see the coolest tree ever, again this year and not enough people know about “The Giving Tree” and I would hope that my little article here changes that. No, I do not know my neighbors name, but I do know three things about them. They are Steelers fans, they wear it proudly all year long and their hearts are golden just like the colors of the team they love so much. Please! Please if you are in the neighborhood of 11th Avenue and 4th Street in Pompano Beach this holiday season stop and see the coolest tree ever. If you need something take some and if you wish to donate something useful please do! “The Giving Tree” the true spirit of the holidays. Or maybe you can grow one in your community. Happy Holidays!
Athena “Chickie” Ransom