michael*Lehman Center for the Performing Arts is bringing its 33rd season to a conclusion in August. It will feature singer/songwriter Michael Bolton on June 7, followed by a tribute to Michael Jackson on June 21, wherein audiences will be treated to 3 impersonators and never heard before Michael Jackson songs. The season will then close out with salsa great Willie Colon on August 16th.
Yet to bring all these headliners to the Performing Arts Center in the Bronx, Lehman Center must conduct periodic fundraisers. Therefore, the venue will be holding a fundraising reception June 7th from 6pm-7:30 pm preceding Michael Bolton’s concert at 8:00 pm.
“Michael Bolton is one of my favorite performers, so I am thrilled to have him come to our location at 250 Bedford Park Boulevard West in the Bronx. Lehman Center for the Performing Arts is a non profit organization and in order to bring these big named celebrities we must do fundraisers. I have put together a committee of very influential people to do a fundraising reception which will be held in the lobby of Lehman Center’s concert hall” explained Eva Bornstein, the Executive Director of Lehman Center for the Performing Arts. “We are celebrating the appearance of Michael Bolton and I am also delighted to have the famous pianist Chris Gillespie, a regular at the Hotel Carlyle where he replaced Bobby Short, agree to play at the reception.”
imageRadio and TV host Max Tucci of Eye on South Florida along with Brie Bythewood will act as hosts for the reception. Max, a good friend of Eva’s, has hosted several fundraising events. He is a renaissance man, independently wealthy, well connected and interested in people. He will be bringing several famous people to the gala reception. Tucci will fly in from Miami to help host and co-chair the event with Brie Bythewood who was the star of Blood Sweat and Heels, a reality show about young beautiful NY women trying to make it big in NYC. Some of the many influential people attending from all walks of life are Franchesca Biondo, Lenny Caro (Pres of the Bronx Chamber of Commerce); Conductor Thomas Crawford of the American Classical Orchestra; Photographer Rowena Husbands who photographs Broadway stars; Designer Farah Angsana, Robert Sancho, VP of Bronx Lebanon Hospital and the various Lehman Center board members.
“People often think that the Bronx is dangerous. So I want to stress that Lehman Center has a beautiful campus, great security, and the area is quite safe. Yet, people have reservations about coming to the Bronx which we need to dispel. People also think the Bronx is too far to come from Manhattan, but I live in El Barrio and it only takes 20 minutes by the #4 train. People can also take the D train. As it happens, we have people coming from all the boroughs, from the Westchester area, Connecticut and even from England, Brazil, Japan, etc. We have a 2300 seat auditorium which is equivalent to any major theater and our shows are more affordable than were audience members to see the same artists in Manhattan. Michael Bolton always puts on a spectacular show, so I encourage people to come to his performance. I might also note that tickets for children are only $10,” continued Ms. Bornstein.
The Performing Arts Center has two levels of donation for those who wish to help support the Center – $100 and $200, plus the price of the ticket. All donations are fully tax deductible. Food and wine for the gala is being donated by Bronx vendors. Lehman Center sits in a relatively Black and Latino Community, so keeping that in mind when booking, Eva is planning performances for their 34th Season such as the National Mexican Orchestra, Tango from Argentina, and the National Ballet of Spain. However, she books shows with everyone in mind so there is a huge variety of headliners and types of shows. Eva is still booking the new season, therefore interested individuals can check out the upcoming season as posted over the summer at www.Lehmancenter.org