hale bobHale Bob’s Coachella Inspired Summer Line
Host and French reporter Jackie Watson, was at Style Fashion Week, held at the Pacific Design Center, where fashion designer Daniel Bohbot showcased Hale Bob’s Coachella Inspired Summer Line.
Jackie had the rare opportunity to speak with Bohbot—who unveiled his special exotic collection of 36 looks for the Hale Bob’s Coachella Inspired Summer Line of 2016.
The line featured fringe skirts with ankle socks, bikini tops with flowered patterned pants, faux fur vests and more. The Hale Bob prints were inspired by Bohbot’s many travels to exotic places. His prints included designs inspired by Morroccan tiles, tropical paradise flowers, exotic animals, jungle leaves, paisley scarves and more.
Bohbot is also starting a new trend in which he offers a ‘ready-to-wear’ buying option which will give shoppers a chance to ‘see it, buy it, and wear it now.’ According to Bohbot, “Fashion has evolved and fewer people than ever plan six months in advance. They want to have access to things that they see immediately. This is why we will have four, rather than two collections per year.”
There were many special guests and celebrities at the show such as Chaley Rose of “Nashville”, Omarosa Manigault, Sophia Pierson of E!’s “WAGS”, Navid Neghaban of “Homeland”, Chloe Hurst of “The Nice Guys”, Chris Soules, and Nick Vial from “The Bachelor.”
Also, on the catwalk was our very own Sunny Ray, Ray who showcased his own unique ‘out-of-style’ out-fit. Since there is only one of it’s kind, orders for this unique out-fit are not readily available for purchase.
It was a fun and exciting night for all and we were glad to be a part of it.
Oh, and if you are wondering what Jackie was wearing … she was wearing Hale Bob, of course!
To see more of Hale Bob’s Coachella Inspired Summer Line, please visit www.halebob.com
—Written by: Valerie Roop