Chicago’s iconic Merchandise Mart has once again transformed its expansive river façade into a canvas of vibrant digital art for the winter season. Known as the largest permanent digital art projection in the world, Art on The Mart has launched its exciting winter program, aptly titled ‘Season of Light.’ Running from Thursday, November 16, through Saturday, December 30, this spectacle promises to captivate audiences with a series of stunning projections.

The journey began at the early months of 2023 with a spring program celebrating Art on The Mart’s 5th anniversary, featuring a fresh commission by Derrick Adams, an internationally famed artist. Subsequent months treated spectators to mesmerizing projections by the “Chicago Black Dance Legacy Project” in the summer and thought-provoking displays by Charles Atlas and Dr. Yiyun Kang in the fall, exploring humanity’s environmental challenges and the influence of Artificial Intelligence tech.

Now, ‘Season Of Light’ shines a spotlight on the upcoming and already established talent from the SAIC (School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago), a globally esteemed institution in the art & design world. Two captivating features headline the winter program, including a fresh commission by Yorgo Alexopoulos, an SAIC alumni and an assortment of thirteen special projections that together are termed “Analog,” curated by Professors Austen Brown, Judd Morrisey, & Jan Tichy.

Yorgo Alexopoulos, known for his immersive moving image works, presents “Out Of The Sea Came Eternity,” a time-based digital animation that takes you on an explorative journey via unique visual chapters exploring our connection to magic, myth, and nature. The piece seamlessly blends drawings, digitally created assets, paintings, and photographs, creating an immersive experience that reflects on the artist’s profound understanding of the moving image field.


Cynthia Noble, Executive Director of Art on The Mart, expresses gratitude for the ongoing support and talent from SAIC, stating, “As we reflect on the last five years of experimentation and collaboration at ART on THE MART, we’re gratified to formally recognize the ongoing support from and talent born out of the SAIC, my own alma mater, with these site-specific commissions.

Noble anticipates sharing Alexopoulos’s work along with the upcoming generation of talented and aspiring artists, further solidifying Art on The Mart’s role as a platform for artists of all backgrounds.


The show will last for 30-minutes illuminating the Chicago Riverwalk nightly starting sharp at 7:30 pm going until 8 pm on December 30th. For the best viewing experience, spectators are encouraged to gather at the pier between Franklin and Wells Streets by the Chicago Riverwalk. With thousands expected to flock to downtown Chicago every week, Art on The Mart continues to provide a public platform that showcases the diversity of artistic expression, from local talent to renowned exhibitions.

For more information and to plan your visit, explore the winter program at