Are you still trying to figure out what to do for spring break? While time is ticking, there is still time to find your perfect SB24 destination. And what better way to do that than to take some inspiration from what your fellow Chicago-area collegiate travelers are doing? Whether it be Northwestern or University of Illinois, DePaul to UIC; the Chicagoland 18-22 year-olds are looking for a much-needed escape from the frozen tundra.

So, whether you’re stuck as a solo traveler, or looking for the best accommodations for a potential group; companies such as JusCollege are here to help you craft your perfect college spring break. Here are 10 destinations cooking up the very best that spring break has to offer. From the luxury and status of Las Vegas to the sunshine and sandy cheeks of Cancun, we have you covered. 

Fort Lauderdale

Looking to stay local for Spring Break and don’t want to deal with the chaos of Miami? Then head 45 minutes north and enjoy your brand of Spring Break in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Listen, we get it. You’re growing up and have already done the Panama City Beach or Cancun things. You’re looking for something that blends ‘Spring Break’ and “I’m just trying to reset and recharge.” 

JusCollege understands that the ultimate Spring Break experience is all relative. Fort Lauderdale is your spot for that ultimate balance; featuring some of the best hotels in the city, world-renowned beaches, and an unmatched lineup of events.


Las Vegas

Viva! Vegas is 100 percent a year-round destination. And truthfully, might be better suited for your Spring Break Mini Getaway because try and find me someone with the bandwidth to spend more than 4 days in Vegas. Regardless, Vegas is basically four cities in one. 

It doesn’t matter your brand of break or the goal you and your crew have. Vegas suffices. Perhaps Vegas isn’t your spring break destination of choice. It’s damn good as a Fall Break spot if you’re looking for something in the lap of luxury. 



The Godfather of Spring Break is easily Cancun. Are there better college Spring Break destinations out there? I’m sure, yeah. Is it ‘unoriginal’ to do Spring Break in Cancun? I’m sure some people might say that. 

But you know what, who gives a damn. Smash two beers together like Steve Austin and get ready because if there’s one thing we know about Spring Break in Cancun it’s that it never fails you. Recreate all the greatness of OG Spring Break on the beaches of the Caribbean. There’s a reason LeBron is still scoring 30 a game at the age of 38. The GOAT’s remain the GOAT’s no matter how swiftly generations pass. 


All of this is to say—there’s nothing wrong with trusting in what’s always come through to deliver yet again.

Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen presents a college spring break experience that’s just one step tamer than Cancún but still displays all the makings of a premiere destination. Playa provides the perfect level of luxurious resorts, shopping, nightlife, delicious food, and more. 


Perhaps Playa presents a bit more laid back, family-friendly version of the Yucatan peninsula but don’t let that stand in your way of the perfect escape in the sun. After all, we love to party but you’re busy enough with school that you also deserve to relax. 

Punta Cana

Going to Punta Cana and going to Cabo aren’t all that different. It’s like going to Vegas and having to choose between staying at the Aria or the Bellagio. They’re both luxe but it really just depends on what particular brand of vodka you’re looking for. 


In Punta Cana you’re getting the plush white sand coastline with more IG worthy captures than a European in New York City for the first time. The nightime provides modern clubs fit for dressing to the nines, relaxing daytime activities on a catamaran, beach bonfires, or ziplining through the jungle. 

Cabo San Lucas

Refer to the above analogy when envisioning your Cabo experiences, but just know that when you go to Cabo you’re basically committing to Debaucherous Summer Camp for 6 days straight. Cabo is the who’s who of Spring Break so much so that you’ll likely be gravitating toward returning sometime in your early 30’s. 


For the best concerts, beach clubs, spending more money than you probably have, and hanging out with tens of thousands of students your age; Cabo is absolutely the place to be. 

Puerto Vallarta

PV used to have this rep as a place for old people. Maybe that’s just me because it’s where my parents went for their honeymoon in like 1995. Or maybe my parents just party. I don’t know. Either way, SBPV is back. 

The lineups are set for a week-long concert extravaganza, the legendary scenic backdrop of mountainside estates, and sexy party-ready travelers on gorgeous beaches make this a can’t-miss spring break encore. 

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a great Spring Break destination for two reasons (there are a lot more than two but play along with me here for a second): 

You don’t need a passport to get there as it’s part of the US.
Puerto Ricans can freakin’ party. Trust me, I am from Chicago after all. 

That’s it. That’s the tweet. While Puerto Rico may not shine as bright to the naked eye as its other SB counterparts, there’s absolute treasure to be found there. The food is insane. The resorts and beaches are stunning. The nightlife is buzzing. There aren’t many downsides to Puerto Rico and we’re just waiting for the rest of the world to see it. 


I used to listen to Miami by Will Smith upon landing every time I flew to Miami back in the day. That “Bienvenidos a Miami!” slaps a little different these days, huh? Sorry, I couldn’t resist. 

Bad Will Smith slapping jokes aside, there is nowhere in this here United States of America better for college Spring Break than Miami. Miami itself is basically spring break year-round and thus the hottest domestic destination for some of the best food, nightlife, and beaches around. It’s also home to some of the most beautiful human beings on planet Earth so go and spread your wings in the 305 if you need respite from customs headaches and all that. 

Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay

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