Have you planned your Valentine’s day dinner yet? We know V-day is all about burning passion and bubbly love. But how about rekindling some old good memories that will bring you back to the very beginning… your wedding day? This Valentine’s Day, The Graceful Ordinary is offering to recreate the wedding dinner of one lucky couple in the name of love.

A beautiful gem in St. Charles, IL, The Graceful Ordinary is one of the few reasons why I’d happily take a one-hour-plus drive out into the suburb (my other reason, as you may have guessed, is the Fine Line Creative Arts Center). Stunning every dinner with its elegant interior, breezy patio, innovative menu, fine ingredient, and friendly staff, The Graceful Ordinary is committed to providing the most intimate, upscale, and comfortable dining experience to all.

Wife-and-husband owners Megan and Chef Chris Curren of The Graceful Ordinary, the refined riverside restaurant in the outskirts of Chicago that has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, INSIDER, and more for bringing chef-driven dining to a new region, is offering a one-of-a-kind experience this February as they will treat one pair to the very meal they enjoyed on their wedding day— marked with the restaurant’s elevated touches, of course.


The Currens are calling the special “Wedding Date” and were inspired to introduce it as an exclusive opportunity for guests to relive the happiest day of their lives, as the restaurant is in many ways a result of Megan and Chris’ OWN love story. Also, let’s be real— so many couples miss out on the chance to enjoy the food at their own wedding while taking photos, mingling, and being pulled in a million different directions. So this really presents the chance for guests to fully revisit and soak up the magic of their special day.

Here’s how it works. Guests will post a photo of them and their spouse on Instagram or Facebook, tag @thegracefulordinary, use #TGOWeddingDate, and share a favorite memory from their own wedding in the caption. One lucky couple will win a complimentary four-course recreation of their wedding menu, marked with Chef Chris’ signature refined flair to be enjoyed at a chef’s table at The Graceful Ordinary on February 14th. Winners will be contacted via DM ahead of V-Day & Chef Chris will send a draft of their special menu before they dine.

That’s it! Whether winners enjoyed a prime rib and potato feast or a full traditional Mexican spread on their special day, Chef Chris will work to personally tailor their menu to suit their tastes and dietary restrictions, while adding in special touches and refinement throughout. This is your one chance to get the master chefs from The Graceful Ordinary to create a dinner just for you and your precious date. Speaking of an unforgettable Valentine’s Day experience, right?


Featured Image: The Graceful Ordinary


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