Executive chef/partner Won Kim will reopen Kimski – his groundbreaking restaurant known for Korean-Polish fusion in Bridgeport – at 5pm on Wednesday, April 5 with a new menu that will be Korean in influence, flavors, and execution. Kim spent his sabbatical creating the new menu for Kimski 2.0, collaborating with restaurants and executing pop-ups in Chicago and around the country, creating his graffiti art and curating art shows, DJ-ing, and filming content for his Sleeping Is For Suckers YouTube channel.

Image Credit: Won Kim

Kimski 2.0 is the result of a five-month sabbatical from November through the end of March, where five different restaurants popped up in the Kimski space. Upon reopening, Kim wanted the Kimski 2.0 menu to reflect the food he loved growing up eating in his Korean household in West Rogers Park and the food he enjoys eating on his off days.

Guests can order Kimski food to go from its counter service. Also, guests can sit down and eat Kimski food and imbibe Maria’s drinks at the 100 interior seats and 75 seats on outdoor patios that Kimski and Maria’s share. For dine-in, Kimski’s hours of operation will be 5pm to 10pm Wednesday through Saturday and 3pm to 8pm on Sundays. Kimski will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

The Menu

“The food I am making now is definitely more about things I crave when I eat out,” Kim said. “It’s Korean-ish – so it’s rooted in Korean flavors and technique. I am going to cook what I want to cook and not worry about pleasing everyone who walks in the door. I’m going to be me.”

The new 2.0 menu highlights include the following:


“KBBQ Platter” with Heffer BBQ smoked brisket, kimchi, pickles, scallion salad, ssam sauce, and white kimchi that serves two to three people.
“Cheesy Beef Sandwich” with bulgogi-marinated beef slices, Merkts cheddar cheese sauce, gochu mayo, blistered shishitos, and braised onions on a fresh roll that’s served with fries.
“House-Cured Salmon Hwe Rice Bowl” with barrel smoked trout roe, everything bagel spice, dill, and soy cream.

Image Credit: Matthew Meschede

“Sweet & Spicy Rice Cakes” made with locally-produced rice cakes, sweet & spicy chili sauce, melted cheese, nori, and scallions.
“Spicy Pork Bulgogi Rice Bowl” with chili-marinated and thinly-sliced pork belly, white kimchi slaw, and scallions.
The “Fried Chicken Sandwich” is a buttermilk-marinated chicken thigh that’s double fried and topped with house pickles, sweet & hot chili sauce, and shredded cabbage that’s served with fries.

Additionally, three iconic Korean-Polish Kimski dishes will carry over to the Kimski 2.0 menu: Maria’s Standard, Potato & Cheese Pierogis, and Dressed Fries. Marz Community Brewing Co. also produced a canned non-alcoholic Bori-cha Korean roasted barley tea that’s slightly carbonated and will be available for purchase at Kimski.

Featured Image: Matthew Meschede


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