If we say moving, surely the first words that come to mind are stress, laziness, fatigue and much more. There are many words that can be associated with a move, whether small or large, long or short distance, with many other attributes.

The truth is that even if we are positive, a move involves a lot of stress and complications of the moment that we cannot control until we are calmer. The fact of having your new home, the illusion of living in a new home, discovering new corners, and new neighbors with new relationships is a change of life but we should not therefore seek ways to avoid the worst. 

We have to think that the fact of “making and unmaking” boxes does not hinder your new life project, stage in your new home. For this reason, we want to explain to you in 6 points, the best tips to make an easy move for you and yours. 

At H2H movers, long distance movers always explain that, for most people, moving is a real problem, so it is advisable to hire a moving company to help you throughout the process. The fact of not doing it frequently, we feel lost. So we help you with some advice, by H2H Movers.


Tips to make moving easy

1. Organize the things you are going to take with you. The time has come to clean up and get rid of everything you are not going to need to avoid moving it pointlessly to the new place. This saves you space and simplifies the process to make it easier and more efficient.

2. Moving to put in boxes, clothes, crockery, kitchen, equipment, with a separate price, the entire moving company does it for you. Now if you want an affordable price, take care of putting the belongings in boxes yourself. All this is work that you can save the moving company and results in savings in the budget since they have to spend fewer boxes and work less.


3. If you have little time, don’t worry, the H2H Movers company takes care of everything.

4. How to pack crockery and glasses. The most important thing is not to touch each other. With bubble wrap or newspaper.


5. Make your move during the week, normally the price is usually lower than if you do it on Saturday or Sunday.

6. Take the most delicate small objects or those with sentimental value on your own.


If you are looking for the best price and you have delicate objects to move, the H2H Movers company is your ideal partner to help you with your long distance moving. If your objects are small valuable paintings, glass figures, small fragile ornaments, objects with sentimental value, varied collections, you should know that there is no problem in be transported. 

The moving company can still move them, with great care and delicacy, but due to their fragile and complicated nature, it is taken into account in the price, so if you have the possibility to take care of that type of thing and make it easier for them to the moving company, it will show in the price. If what you want is for delicate objects to be moved by professionals who provides you their moving services, keep in mind that they will do it well, but charging their fair price.


With this series of tips to make an easy move that we do for long distance movers, you can achieve considerable savings on the costs of your move. If you have any questions, you just have to contact our moving company by clicking here.

Photo by Michal Balog on Unsplash


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