NICK-Mixology_MRA_1298cropTo prepare for my projects, I have met and enlisted the best bartenders in the country, and lucky for me several of them are from South Florida. This month I queried Nick Nistico, Beverage Program Development specialist for Premier Beverage Company.

My first question is about the proper use of ice. A balanced cocktail often comes down to ice. Ice affects both temperature and dilution. Whenever we talk about ice and chilling, there is no chilling without dilution. With ice being at least half of our cocktail, shouldn’t we pay attention to what is put in our glass?

Think surface area and ambient air temperature. If outside, the larger the ice the better as it will melt and dilute slowly. A very strong tiki style cocktail may benefit from crushed ice allowing dilution to soften the drink. Overall the rate in which you’d like water dilution added to your dram should be greatly considered” advised Nick Nistico.

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