jail6Jail and Bail 2014 is on it’s way to breaking fundraising records. Every year the event keeps getting bigger and bigger and all for a good cause, the American Cancer Society. Led by Honorable David Singer, local Attorney at Law, who chairs the event each year. Host Jessica Koussevitzky had her eye on the “jailbirds”

Local business owners, CEOs, state attorneys, celebrities, and many others came out, some on their own recognizance and others with their police escorts, to support the cause. The “jailbirds” were brought before the judge read their charge and bail was set. Then it was time to start smiling and dialing to raise their bail in order to be set free.

Eye on South Florida was there to capture some of the highlights of this very entertaining event. Jail and Bail was held June 24-27 at the Airport Sheraton. Make sure to mark your calendars for next year. A great event for a great cause.