skintipsIn this segment Host Jackie Watson gets some beauty tips from celebs on the red carpet. Find out what works for them. Also, Jackie had the opportunity to visit the world famous Dee Bartolo Skin Studio in Beverly Hills. Dee is one of the most revered Medical aestheticians in the industry today and with awards season just around the corner, Our reporter, Jackie Watson and the crew cherished the opportunity to spend a little time with the Queen of the Hollywood facial. Dee was even courteous enough to relinquish a couple beauty secrets.
Angie wanted to see if there was anything Dee could do for her skin because it’s been very dry and irritated lately in spite of regular moisturizing.
Bartolo said, “the dry, irritated flaky skin and redness is caused by the dry weather and temperatures we’ve got right now, the heat in our cars, our offices, and in our homes.” She continued by giving us a great tip about how we can use grape seed oil to keep our skin healthy during the cold months.
With 30 years experience and A list of clients that only seems to become larger in both size and recognition, there really is no wonder why Bartolo is considered to be one of the best aestheticians in the business as she continues to help craft some of the most gorgeous faces in entertainment.