Kanye West couldn’t have written that lyric better. Summertime Chicago 2021 is about to be a Project X party mixed with Ferris Bueller’s day mixed with a fever dream of what we all expected Fyre Festival to be. This excitement comes after Gov. Pritzker has said that Illinois will be ready and advancing with Phase 5 beginning on June 11. That means buckle up, throw on your party pants and get ready because Chicago is back.

Every corner of the city is going to be buzzing. The momentum has been mounting for months now. The temps are hitting 70s and 80s, people are getting vaccinated at an incredible rate, the city’s positivity rate is below 2 percent, and the streets are starting to sing. Cubs and Sox games are over 60 percent capacity and the energy in the stadium is palpable. Both teams are in first place and there is basically a Crosstown Classic World Series on the horizon.

Rooftop and patio bars around the city are entertaining patrons like we haven’t seen in two years. Lollapalooza, Pitchfork, and Windy City Smokeout are slated to return. The beaches are one strong week of 90 degree weather away from being filled with great taste less filling Miller Lite’s and suburban high school kids. The Play Pen, Wells Street, the Riverwalk, every single neighborhood in every single inch of this city…is ready. I could cry I’m so excited right now.


This is an exciting time in Chicago, and rightfully so. The city—along with the rest of the world—has undergone a 14-15 month period where our lives were completely flipped on its head. The past few months every Chicagoan has helped by doing their part in order to get to this point so go on with yourself Chicago. Celebrate this accordingly. Spend that extra $100 in the Bleachers, go to a museum you’ve never seen before, go to Lolla even if you hate it. It doesn’t matter, this summer is yours kings and queens.

Toss that mask to the side and pour yourself a drink. It’s Summertime, Chicago. And it’s one that you’re certainly never going to forget.


Summertime Chicago 2021 Featured Image Credit: Mike Fox on Unsplash


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