Being a dog in the city can be ruff. Construction noises, sirens, and cursed sidewalk grates make it a challenge during walk time. Luckily, there’s solace —and unlimited tennis balls—in the sweet escape of Chicago’s many dog parks. We fetched six of the best dog parks in Chicago to bring your BFF—best friend furever.

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Wiggly Field Dog Park

2645 N Sheffield Ave, Chicago, IL 60614


Established in 1997, Wiggly Field was Chicago’s “first official dog exercise and play area.” The 0.54-acre dog park is located in Noethling Park, which honors Grace Noethling, founder of the Wrightwood Neighbors Conservation Association. With a play on words for our historic Wrigley Field, Wiggly Field is possibly one of the cleverest names for a Chicago dog park. 

The park is entirely enclosed and has double-gated entryways for the safety of all dogs. There’s ample running space, trees for squirrel-watching, and benches to parkour off of and for the humans to sit. After all those zoomies, dogs can drink up at the canine-sized water fountain.


Jackson Bark

6000 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL 60637


Jackson Bark is an obstacle course and playground all in one—a dog’s dream! The dog park is located in and named after Jackson Park, the stunning 550-plus-acre park in Chicago’s south side.  Not only does Jackson Bark have a clever name, but also a clever use of recycled materials all over the park. The is not only one of the best dog parks in Chicago, but has also ranked top in Illinois and considered one of the Top 10 in the U.S.

Jackson Bark spans four abandoned tennis courts and uses over 90% recycled materials. It’s the largest completely enclosed dog park in the city and is great for both dog training and playing. If your dog’s an influencer, there are plenty of photo ops too! Pups can enjoy everything from a staircase of tires, construction cones, and milk crates to an oversized seesaw, plastic tunnels, and more. The park even has a giant fire hydrant water fountain to cool them down after playtime. 


Logan Square Dog Park

2526 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60647

Logan Square Dog Park is a bright and colorful space with murals of good boys and girls surrounding it. The murals feature art from different artists across the Kennedy Expressway underpass. 

Located in Park No. 556, the park provides lots of space for romping around and playing fetch. There are kiddie pools and a hose to cool down in the summer and separate small and big breed areas.

Montrose Dog Beach

4697 Lawrence, W Wilson Dr, Chicago, IL 60640

Dogs need a beach vacay too! Located on the northwest corner of Montrose Beach, Montrose Dog Beach is Chicago’s first legal off-leash beach. The 3.83-acre beachfront is fenced in and has a double gate, but as the beach is a natural area, not all entrances are completely secure. At the end of the day, you can rinse off your pup at the self-service dog washing station.


A volunteer group called MonDog cleans and maintains the area. The group preserves and improves the beach through owner education, volunteering, and community partnerships.

Skinner Bark Park

1358 W Monroe St, Chicago, IL 60607


Skinner Bark Park is across from the West Loop’s Skinner Park, where it borrows its moniker. The 0.46-acre dog park gives your pups plenty of room to run circles around all day. A combination of green turf, pea gravel, and concrete provides them with different surfaces to play on.

The park is maintained by a community group that cleans and repairs the park as well as put on social events for dogs and their humans.

Lakeshore East Dog Park

450 E Benton Pl, Chicago, IL 60601

In Chicago’s New Eastside, you’ll find the tucked-away community of Lakeshore East. An urban botanic garden with fountains and plenty of green space makes up the Lakeshore East Park, and the home of one of the best dog parks in Chicago.

The dog park is a small 0.10-acre fenced-in area along the southern edge of the park. It may be smaller than other dog parks in the city, but it’s not short on fun for your furry friends. There are double gates for security, water fountains, trees, benches, and a small stream for the pups to cool down in.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash

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