Savorsa·vor (verb)
> to taste (good food or drink) and enjoy it completely
> Go Riverwalk magazine’s food + drink columns

Looking for the best season preview guide in Downtown Fort Lauderdale? Look no further than Riverwalk Fort Lauderdale’s City Magazine, Go Riverwalk. Getting the community message out is what they do via there web and social media presence and Go Riverwalk Magazine, providing up-to-date information about projects, trends and happenings in our Downtown. Today, distribution of Go Riverwalk exceeds 23,000 copies and has grown to 100 pages per issue.
My columns are also available socially on Eye on South Florida and More BITES  ciao! 


MRenée Korbel Quinn | Mixology & Lifestyle Editor
Creating unique content for Eye on South Florida. A Downtown Girl Mixing it up in the South Florida scene. The latest in craft cocktails, craft beers and culinary experiences. Connecting with spirited friends to share ideas, stories and life! Think of it as “Cocktail Therapy”. Read her BITES column in Go Riverwalk Magazine and get social on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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