My favorite savory cocktail is made with beets.  The perfect pairing of The Botanist Gin (an Islay dry gin) with this earthy root vegetable and a well balanced cocktail earned this 2nd place finalist status. Nick knows how to craft a balanced tasty cocktail, that only lacked an appropriate Winterfest themed name and presentation. Nick’s cocktail tied for second place. Solid!

Nicholas “Nick” Mikhak – Bar Manager at Valentino

I am 25 years old and was born and raised in Plantation, FL. I have been with Valentino for 3 great years. My biggest joy about bartending is seeing the look on the guest’s face after having a sip of their cocktail. In the future I would love to be the mixologist for RNDC.

Known for… Well I like to think I’m known for my ability to create a well balanced drink while using unusual ingredients.

Favorite style of Classic Cocktail… SAZERAC  simple and yet so intriguing old fashioned!

Your go-to Cocktail to serve… I completely enjoy getting to know my guest a lil bit before I serve their cocktail and giving different touches to classic old fashioned cocktail is perfect way to make your customer happy even if they don’t want to experiment.

Must have garnish… My must have garnish would most likely be an Orange Peel, I love the aroma that an Orange peel adds to the cocktail.

Essential Bar accessory… Definitely a jigger, it is crucial in making a well balanced drink every time.

How did you craft your Winterfest Cocktail… I wanted to be different and kind of out of the box when I heard about the Winterfest Competition, so knowing how the U.S. is on this big healthy eating and healthy drinking Fad,  I decided to go with Beets. Fun Fact: Beets were the Vegetable of the year.

Check out the recap video:


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