Checkout Horror teaser/trailer for “The Fallen”
imageThis is a film about creation in the first book of the Bible, Genesis. This is a story of innocence, beauty, and rebellion. It’s a cautionary tale about the fall of man and why we are currently where we are today. When GOD created Adam, he did so in his own image. GOD loved Adam so much that he created Eve. Adam loses touch with GOD by focusing on Eve. Instead of worrying about making GOD happy, Adam focuses on making Eve happy. Eve gets deceived by the Devil, and then drags Adam into her deceit. God finds out and there are repercussions to their actions. For more info about Demonslayer Studios go to http://www.demonslayerstudios.wordpre… or contact
Producers: Gabriel Tyner, Andrew Souza, and Gaetano Fasulo. Directors: Gabriel Tyner and Andrew Souza. Associate Producer: Robert Adanto. Audio Design: John Marius. Eve played by Laura Garrido. Adam played by Eric Power. Devil played by Carl Rimi.
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