Yoga Expo 2017
Broward Convention Center
Fort Lauderdale, FL – 4.8.17
Eye On South Florida – Lisa Sussman


Fort Lauderdale – With the numbers increasing in this years tickets sales and nearly all the vendor spaces taken, the crowds were eager to find there way to a yoga classes taught by local and international instructors. Lines quickly grew as the Expo had nearly 10,000 people pass through their doors.The reception area at the Fort Lauderdale Broward Convention Center was transformed into shopping isle where you could sample, experiment, create, and play. There was unlimited access to yoga classes and experiences with the entrance of your ticket. The Yoga Expo is an all-day yoga event featuring local vendors and the shopping experience is fun and informational. Oils, beads, yoga gear, juices, water, it can all be found in the shopping areas outside of the yoga rooms.

The local yoga business in the South Florida market is immense. The different cultures and influences create a unique experience when your a yogi. The Expo offers unlimited yoga classes with the price of your ticket the teachings of Sadhguru, Isha Foundation, Michelle Alva, Lori Lowell, Ira Schneider, and so many more could be found easily throughout the day. Bring your Mat, Water and your friends, all are welcome at the Expo!

The Expo serves as a platform to empower and strengthen the local yoga community. They encourage the feeling of sharing information as a subculture. It is shared knowledge in this fast growing community that makes this event so exciting. Offering choices on Sustainability, Organic Growing and Lifestyle, Healing, Meditation, and a mind fullness that comes from within. The vibe really is “Bring A Friend” along on this journey and explore yoga studios in your area, taste local and sustainable food and beverages and learn how health care options offered by companies like CW Hemp, Charlotte’s Web can bring about a better sense of well being.

Ellie Borges- South Florida Distributor of Charlotte's Web
Ellie Borges- South Florida Distributor of Charlotte’s Web

One of the local business that was represented was Charlotte’s Web. Cannabinoids have been found to have properties to help everyday ailments such as Antiemetic, Antioxidant, Anti-Inflammatory, as well as more involved Anticonvulsant, Anti-tumoral/Anti-cancer. I spoke with the South Florida distributor Ellie Borges at the Expo. “There are so many everyday uses for the extract ranging from anxiety to anti-inflammatory. This is an organic oil that can show results without the risk of side effects that pharmaceutical prescriptions do.” Ellie goes on to say, ” I would want the consumer to know that there are options when treating a multitude of conditions that they may face throughout a life time. For me, I have used the hemp oil for general anxiety, aches and pains, and I find that I am able to find calm and focus and have full function throughout my day without the side effects of lag or drag that other pharmaceutical prescriptions have given me.” It was hard to have this conversation at all as Ellie’s space was always busy, at times 3 people deep. Contact Ellie for more information by reaching out at

Many Non for Profit organizations looking to connect are represented. I ran into Gail Silverman at Yoga Expo in December and was not surprised to see her in the trenches helping and sharing information on the planet. “Were very proud of the the work our organization is doing to teach our youth. Our projects are free to schools and offers a hands on learning approach.” says Gail. Heal the Planet is a non-profit organization that is getting their message out via education. Our next function is as Esplanade Park in Fort Lauderdale , Saturday April 22nd at 11am. Head over to make a difference and learn more!


The SEED (Susty Energy EDucation) Project is an energy and stress management program that educates and empowers youth in making conscious choices that are healthy for both them and the planet. The program teaches children about the impact of their daily choices with a focus on nutrition, exercise, ecological awareness, and stress management. This is an experiential, hands-on learning approach with food samples and written activities.

We offer the SEED Project for free to schools in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. The program is available in two formats – the Plant the SEED Program and the SEEDling Program. Plant the SEED is a one hour session and the SEEDling Program is a series of six one hour sessions. Each program can be implemented for the whole school or for a specific grade. Due to the experiential nature of the program it is best suited to be taught one class at a time. Our program is specifically designed to engage and involve the students. We lead each session, provide all of the materials, and cover all program costs. All sessions include short bursts of physical activity & exercises, one nutrition activity, and three stress management techniques. For more information of this project and more please visit :

Yoga Expo 2017 Creator-Kyle Michaud
Yoga Expo 2017 Creator-Kyle Michaud

Creator of both of these popular and growing festivals is Kyle Michaud. Kyle and I sat down a few months ago to talk VegFest and YogaExpo. It was exciting to think of these two events coming to life and I attended VegFest and now Yoga Expo 2017. Both these events are extremely well run with a phenomenal staff and organized vendors. Both these events both are hosting over 10,000 people, showing growth in the the Yoga Expo and great community support in VegFest in it’s first year. When I spoke to Kyle after the event he had this to say, ” Our team is very grateful for the overwhelming positive response from our community! We are proud to announce The Yoga Expo Fort Lauderdale 2017 was the largest yet.” Keep your eye on both of these local South Florida events as the interest and community support continues to grow!